I’m a giant sweater
But unlike normal sweaters,
I wear down with just a little use.
Normal living- conversations, class, the public eye-
Exhausts me.
It unravels me.
If I don’t stop
I turn into a tangled pile of yarn
Not much good for anything.
So I need to get away
Really NEED to.
I need to curl up in a corner and breathe.
I need to read in utter silence.
I need to let my brain slow down.
I need to take my mess to the Master Crafter
And let Him knit me back together. 

I’d love to hang out with you.
I’d love to get coffee and go shopping,
Watch movies and party for hours on end.
But that’s not how I was made.
I can’t do those things hour after hour
Day after day.
I’m a sweater, not a raincoat.
Things don’t just slide off.
Attempting to cover my holes
Only pulls out more threads.
When school and work and stress,
Social life and just doing empties me,
Give me time alone with my Maker
Let Him fix my twisted knots
And I’ll come back.
I will.
Then I’d love to see you,
To hug you,
To talk.

And this sweater will be much more capable of keeping you warm. 


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