I’ve been truly exposed to the world this year.

College will do that to you. I feel continually assaulted by the dress, the standards, the disrespect, the language. Oh goodness, the language. It’s continual and nasty and violent. I come home from school feeling slimy and dirty and gross. Sometimes things pulse in my mind, over and over, a drumbeat of dirtiness, and the only way they’ll go away is by claiming the name of Jesus, over and over and over and over again.




It makes me wonder how it was in Israel, in the rest of the world, those cold winter nights over two thousand years ago. They didn’t have a name to call on, no glimmer of hope shining into the darkness surrounding them. I know I would’ve been discouraged, “Where are you, Lord? Aren’t you coming to save us?” when His perfect plan had already been set into movement and He was whispering back “Just wait, my child. Just wait for what I’m about to do.”

And then He came into the filth. Into the darkness. Into the mess. And that star shone down and angels illuminated the sky, foreshadowing the way the Light of the world would illuminate our hearts. The King was here. His plan was set in motion.

Most of the world remained unaware. They were still living in the tension, still weary, still dirty, still worn, still praying and waiting and living on the edge of desperation. They needed a silent night.

I’m living in the tension. I’m living smack dab in the filth and the world and longing for the Light to fill the halls and purify the hearts and hear everyone raising one voice to praise the Lord. But it’s not yet. It’s a battlefield, and though it seems like the enemy has the upper hand, my King is on His way.

Until then, we fight. We pray and fast and purify ourselves and live there in the stretching place, shining our little flames until the whole world is filled with His splendor. It’s hard and exhausting and what I wouldn’t give for a silent night?!

But the battle isn’t over. So we fight.

Come, Lord Jesus. Enter in. We’re ready and waiting. Come, Lord Jesus, come.


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